Umage Copenhagen

Umage Copenhagen

We take the story of Scandinavian design further than ever before by combining aesthetics, simplicity and functionality and infusing it with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care. Our designs are deeply rooted in the diverse urban landscape and raw nature surrounding our home in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Versatile, flexible and multifunctional, our new furniture and accessory collection is designed for packing the most into life in smaller spaces. With clean lines, strong graphical elements and a focus on details, the Furniture Feelings range of Scandinavian design continues our use of clever packaging solutions to reduce the effects of transportation on the environment, without compromising on materials or design principles.

Having begun our journey in 2008, we have been constantly growing and expanding. Today, we are present in over 2000 stores in 40 countries around the world.

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Contact: Stijn Ketelaar
Telefoon: +31620504334

Showroom nummer: C085