CASØ Furniture

CASØ Furniture

CASØ Furniture Aps was established by Carsten Sørensen in 2010. In the beginning, CASØ Furniture delivered furniture primarily to the danish furniture houses.

From our office, showroom, and storage facilities in Vojens –  centrally located in southern Jutland – we develop, both alone and in cooperation with multiple designers, quality furniture with clean, modern, and classic lines. Service, product development, and quality are the buzzwords we weight the highest, simply because we believe that the right products in combination with good relations, to both customers and suppliers, are the most important features in a healthy company.

The production primarily takes place in eastern Europe and in the Baltics, where we have year-long relations. Moreover, are majority of our products stocked, which makes it possible for us to follow through on the high quality. Stocking of our products also means, that we have multiple weekly deliveries to our dealers. We visit all of our factories in eastern Europe, Baltics and Asia in person from time to time, to ensure a great cooperation as well as quality.

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Vojensvej 4B
6500 Vojens

Telefoon: +45 7475 7370

Contactpersoon: Erik Westland
Telefoon:+31 6 53 28 57 27

Showroom nummer: B043