Your home is personal. It reflects who you are, and what you love. It should neither be polished nor staged. But greet you with warmth, presence and authenticity.

A personal décor is all about looking inwards. So, let your heart guide you when you’re decorating your home, and opt for the things that make you happy. That is the philosophy we use, when we’re designing and developing new collections for the Nordal universe. And that is the approach that creates the unique Nordal style.

We believe that great design serves a functional purpose. Whether visual or practical. With Nordal, you get aesthetic design that makes a difference in your everyday life. From the decorative detail that adds warmth to your décor to the kitchen utensil that performs a practical function. At the same time, quality means everything to us. And that’s how it has been since our beginning in 1991.

“Your home is your refuge. We hope to inspire you to decorate your home with authenticity and personality. So that it makes you feel at home and comfortable.”

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Contact: Christina Kjerulff
Telefoon: +31 6 242 142 64

Showroom nummer C015 & C080